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Active Soil Gas Sampling

Abs: Active soil gas methods consist of the withdrawal and analysis of the soil gas from the subsurface. These methods give concentration data (for example, μg/m3) for COCs, which can be directly comp...

Site Investigation

Abs: The site investigation phase starts with implementing a concentration-based evaluation using existing data. If necessary, the next step involves conducting a PVI investigation. Data evaluation is...



Site Screening Using Vertical Screening Distance

ABS:This chapter describes a method for PVI screening based on the vertical distance from a petroleum vapor source to a building foundation (vertical separation distance). Application of the method is...

Characteristics of Petroleum Vapor Intrusion

Abs: Vapor Intrusion (VI) occurs when vapors from contaminated groundwater or other subsurface sources migrate upward through vadose zone soils and into overlying buildings. While PVI has similarities...

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