Natural & Nealth Lifestyle

With EnvGuide rich experience on environmental industry, EnvLife inherited the former‘s unremitting pursuit of the concept of green environmental protection. With the aim of bringing a healthy and natural lifestyle to our customers, EnvGuide is going to release this residential section, EnvLife, to provide trusted high-quality consumer brands and products.

Based on past experiences, our team has a deep understanding of the barriers from different business cultures. Thus, we provides sales, marketing and export strategies for our selected good quality products and selling the products to targeted market (China).

By collaborating with our exclusive partners, EnvLife has the resources to work with physical stores and more than 300 social media partners, which include but not limited to Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), youtubers, bloggers, social media account owners. Our focus is organic processed food under five major fields:

We love to create unique, successful website and online shopping experience for our customers. Our team is working hardly on developing and optimizing our EnvLife online shopping platform. Our platform will be release soon. During this time, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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